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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationship

When you think about self sabotaging behaviors, what comes to mind? Let’s define self sabotage. Self sabotage is when we take counterproductive actions which prevent us from reaching our goals. These goals can be anything from your career, your life’s goals and of course your relationship goals. Why would someone sabotage themselves? There are plentyContinue reading “How to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationship”

Warning! Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship

There are times in your relationship when you do things and you are unaware of the consequences of your actions. You may not know how doing these things will affect your relationship until the damage is already done, especially if you do not know the things that can add pressure or damage your partner’s feelingsContinue reading “Warning! Signs You Are Sabotaging Your Relationship”

What Are Some Things to Look for When a Guy is Really Invested in You

When a guy is really invested in you, you can feel it. You don’t have any questions or very little questions that would make you think otherwise. When he is really invested in you he asks about your thoughts and life goals. He also likes to be in your company whether there is physical involvementContinue reading “What Are Some Things to Look for When a Guy is Really Invested in You”

Do you keep dating men that are mentally and emotionally unavailable?

Tired of the dating scene and jumping from one relationship to the next because things never make it to the next level?

Have you ever asked yourself what’s wrong with me?

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