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Books and Journals

50 Reasons I Fell in Love With You

* Want your spouse to feel really special and loved so you two can see one another as “the one” again.

* You have no idea what to gift your signature other and you want to stand out this year.

* You want to laugh more so you two can reminisce about why you chose a great partner.

Reignite Your Relationship by 7X

Has keeping your marriage alive become a struggle?

Do you often wonder if it’s possible to love each other better?

Answering ‘YES’ to any of the above questions means that this book is for you.

50 Reasons We’ll Stay In Love

Looking for an activity book for you and your spouse?

Looking for different types of activities other books don’t offer which bring about closeness to one another?

You’re in luck! This book is for you!

50 + 2 Conversation Cards: Intimacy

These Intimacy Cards are all about creating deeper intimate moments, understanding yourself and your spouse better as well as, creating a safe space for each of you to open up without the fear of rejection.

Understanding Your Spouse Deeper

Stop wondering and unravel their confidential thoughts. No need to try and figure out what questions to ask your spouse. All that hard work is done for you here in this journal.

365 Days of Love For Us

You want more connectivity and intimacy from your spouse? I’ve heard people complain of being fed up. They want more but can’t seem to get what they want. Your partner is truly trying to please you but does not know how and you still feel a disconnect. Right?

Don’t fret! You are not alone.

The good news! You can start to ignite the passion that exists in your love life today! You are only ONE STEP AWAY.

You Can Get Over Your Ex: The Woman’s Healing Journal to Say Goodbye For Good and Mean It

Why can’t I get over my ex.”

“Why can’t I get over this breakup?”

“How can I get over this divorce fast?”

Break ups can be hard. Getting divorce sucks. Period.

Rest assured, you can get over your ex and this breakup!

Are you a Black Woman Struggling to create the relationship you desire?Download: The Top 5 Secrets Stopping Black Women From Creating Extraordinary Relationships.

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