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I’m Marshaun Olaniyan. I’m on a mission to help black Christian women transform the way they love themselves, shift their perspective about life, love and their partner all while making themselves a priority.  I’m a Shift Relationship Strategist, a Speaker, and an author of 2 Amazon bestsellers. All of my content is geared toward creating healthy romantic relationships. 


   After my first marriage dissolved, I kept wondering— Why? I re-entered the dating scene only to find each of those relationships crumbling. Every single time wondering what happened. After going through this cycle of jumping from one relationship to another, I decided to take control of my life and my relationship destiny. I started educating myself on who I was as a woman and what I wanted from myself first and then from a relationship. I learned, unapologetically, how to show up as my authentic self within my life and my relationship. But I didn’t stop there! I decided to research men and find out how they think, what they like and don’t like, and how they want to be treated while being in a relationship with a woman. I even took it to the next level and started interviewing some of my exes to hear their side of the story and to understand the reasons why the relationship didn’t continue and flourish.


I understand what the average person looking for a meaningful, loving relationship normally goes through, especially when it comes to recognizing what they want, need, and desire. I understand what’s holding men and women back from creating their healthy love life, and I know how to steer them back on to the correct path. I combine all my data, research and share simple tips and strategies with my clients, so they can stop being an obstacle in their own life and enjoy a great relationship. 

   The best part of My career is seeing the transformation, “ah-ha” moments and clarity after a client joins my coaching program. I continue to share honest, straightforward, thought-provoking life experiences and advice both in my books and with my clients. 


   I reside in San Diego with my husband and daughter.

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